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Lily Barrett


"My instructor was extremely helpful and patient when teaching me how to drive. She helped me become a confident driver and I wouldn't of passed my test without her."

Nadine Peters


"My time spent learning with my instructor made my confidence grow, not only being able to drive but to drive safely.  She knew what would help me best to achieve each goal to the end result.  I'm grateful to have learnt from and amazing teacher,  I know many have previously benefited from her teaching."




I am so happy I passed my driving test today!

Thank you for being a great instructor, being understanding and patient and always pushing me to do my best!

If you are learning How to drive, I highly recommend having lessons with Kuraisha ! She motivates you and teaches you to be a safe and confident driver. The best instructor around!"

Morta Rogolskyte


"I really enjoy taking driving lessons with my instructor.  In a short time I became more confident in driving and learned many skills only because my instructor takes time to explain everything very well and practice at my own pace. I am grateful, as I had very low confidence in my self and my driving and my instructor helped me develop self confidence."

Hau-Yu Tam


"Kuraisha is a highly thoughtful, kind and personable teacher, and I felt immediately comfortable learning with her. Her emotional intelligent and good-humoured approach supported me to learn as it was free of judgement, harsh corrections r top-down delivery. When I moved away from the area, my instructor was very kind and understanding. I'm a bit gutted to not be able to continue to learn with her."

Abdur-Rahman Nayer

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"I learnt to drive with Mr Anis and am happy to say that I passed my test first time.  I had no previous driving experience prior to my first lesson with Mr Anis he taught me right from the the basics.  He is a very kind and helpful teacher and is very patient and understanding when you make mistakes.  He makes you feel at ease  when you struggle with something and supports you to overcome whatever it is you're struggling with.  He's very good at explaining driving techniques and if you don't understand first time he's more than happy to explain again and explain in another way in which you can understand.  I would highly recommend Mr Anis as an instructor to anyone wanting to learn to drive."

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